Your Google Pixel is water-resistant. What your device’s IP rating means

The water resistance ratings we now see on our gadgets are not an exact science, despite the fact that there is surely a lot of research involved in making your Pixel water resistant. It can be a little unclear depending on the grade you see and what you are told. Then, is your Google Pixel water-resistant or waterproof? You should be aware of the following.

What does your IP rating mean? Dust and solid object resistance Water resistance Rule of thumb Does the IP rating stay the same throughout the Pixels life? What waterproofing rating is your Pixel? WHY IS YOUR IP RATING SO IMPORTANT? Every item has a grade for its resistance to water and dust. It can range from IP00 to IP69K, with IP00 being fully impervious to water and dust and IP69K being completely impervious to both, even under pressure.

Having an enclosure surrounding the internals requires at least some level of water and dust protection, therefore smartphones are unlikely to ever receive an IP00 classification. You are typically looking for ratings between IP67 and IP68. What does that imply then?

RESISTANCE TO DUST AND SOLID OBJECTS In any case, the IP rating is divided into the first and second digits. The level of resistance to dust and dangerous items, with 6 being the maximum, comes in at number two behind IP. If your gadget has an IP6X classification, it is totally resistant to dust ingress, so you don’t have to worry about dropping it in sand or having sand penetrate the Pixel’s container. Since the majority of Google’s Pixel devices have an IP6X rating, this is not a major concern.

AWARENESS TO WATER Rating against liquid comes after IP as the second number. Nowadays, the majority of devices score between a 6 and an 8. If your gadget has an IP rating of IPX6, it can withstand a forceful 12.5mm broad stream of water coming from any direction. At IPX7 and IPX8, the line between protection levels starts to blur. Many devices fit into one of these groups.

You need two qualifying resistance factors at IPX7. The phone can endure being immersed for less than 30 minutes at a depth of up to one meter. Your gadget can survive more than 1 meter when it is IPX8 rated. Unfortunately, depending on the manufacturer, this may imply anything from 1 centimeter over 1 meter to 2 meters.

The Google Pixel is not waterproof; rather, its resistance to water varies according on the classification. Keep in mind that these ratings are meant to depict water resistance.

THUMBS UP RULE Given that the latter grade is mostly up to the manufacturer’s discretion, here is the general advice we provide you to follow: even if your Google Pixel has an IPX8 water resistance rating, avoid submerging it more than 1 meter deep. This might imply that your gadget is protected at 31/8, thus it’s much safer to stay on the safe side and claim that your device only has an IPX7 rating.


Whether it’s IP67 or IP68, your Pixel’s IP rating won’t stay the same the entire time you own the device. The grade is intended to reflect the condition the device was in when it was shipped from the factory. There are quite a few ways that the IP rating could decline. That IP rating can decrease slightly as a result of anything, including dropping the device or having the Pixel repaired.

The components that make up materials with water and dust resistance also happen to be materials that absorb shock. This applies to the silicones and glues inside your Pixel. If your smartphone does fall and sustain damage, some of that glue may break off and cause your Pixel’s water resistance rating to deteriorate.

YOUR PIXEL HAS WHAT WATERPROOFING RATING? As previously mentioned, Google’s Pixels typically have an IP67 or IP68 classification, with newer smartphones having an IP68 rating. Sadly, Google doesnt release an IP rating for some a series gadgets like the Pixel 4a or 3a. It is best to stay away from water and dust altogether with these gadgets. The rating for your Google Pixel’s waterproofness is as follows:

Pixel 5a, Pixel 6 Pro, and Pixel 6 IP68 Pixels: IP67 Pixel 5 and IP68 Pixel 4a Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL IP68 Pixel 3a N/A Pixel 3a XL N/A IP68 N/A Pixel 3 XL and IP68 models IP67 Pixel 2 XL and IP68 Pixel 2 Pixel IP67 Pixel XL IP53 Pixel Overall, it’s critical to understand how resistant your Pixel is to dust and moisture. If at all possible, avoid submerging your Google Pixel’s phone deeper than 1 meter underwater, even if it has an IP68 water resistance classification. Also keep in mind that these ratings may change over time and may not be accurate for the whole useful life of the item.

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