Your current song is now displayed under “Other performances” on YouTube Music.

Access to the YouTube collection of fan covers, live performances captured by concert attendees, and more is one of YouTube Music’s finest features. These other performances are now being shown on YouTube Music directly from Now Playing.

Depending on the song, the new carousel can be found by clicking the Related tab in the Now Playing’s bottom right corner and scrolling beyond the playlists You might also enjoy and Recommended. (This page’s other sections, Similar artists, More from, and About the artist, continue.)

The amount of renditions that YouTube Music surfaces under Other performances varies substantially, and it typically only does so for well-known songs and singers. The rectangle cover image indicates that both audio and video can appear.

We were seeing live performance videos uploaded to YouTube by average people, remixes, fan covers, acoustic renditions, performances by other artists, and more. Without needing users to manually use search or the Home feed, it also serves as a wonderful approach to increase the discovery of other material and better emphasize a significant value of the streaming service.

Today, we can watch other performances on YouTube Music for Android, iOS, and the web (although not on the iPad due to its outdated Now Playing UI). Some customers initially saw an a month ago , but now they are seeing an wider launch .

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