Your avatar will be made into in-app stickers by WhatsApp.

In essence, WhatsApp is developing an new feature that will make you an in-app sticker. In other words, you might be able to design yourself into an avatar and use it as a sticker.

YOUR AVATAR WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE AS IN-APP STICKERS BY WHATSAPP. In the Android beta version of WhatsApp, this feature has been found. We haven’t tried it, but it doesn’t appear to be generally accessible in that beta build either. However, it appears that only a select few have access.

It’s likely that this feature will spread quickly to other beta testers. If everything goes as planned, we might see it in the stable build very soon. Many of these beta features are actually (often) swiftly added to the stable channel by WhatsApp.

Advertisement In any case, you can see this feature in use by looking at the screenshots below. These illustrations demonstrate how users may configure their avatar to be used for stickers.

WhatsApp avatar in app stickers leak 1
WhatsApp avatar in app stickers leak 2

As a result, the program will generate a few unique stickers depending on your avatar, as you can see. Laughing, sobbing, giving the thumbs up or clapping, being in love, etc. As you can see, there are a ton of alternatives accessible here.

You can choose these as your profile picture as well. Now, it appears like you’ll be able to set these stickers as your WhatsApp profile photo in addition to sending them to your contacts via WhatsApp.

Advertisement Many new features have been in development by WhatsApp. For instance, a recent revelation found that WhatsApp might let you change your texted messages. Users have been asking for this feature, which the business has been considering for a while.

In fact, some screenshots were published after that feature was found in a test build. Actually, the situation with avatars is somewhat similar to that.

Numerous similar features are included in beta versions of the software, and the business typically highlights the most notable ones. Since all of these features are regarded as high-profile ones, it’s likely that both will be included in the app’s final stable build.


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