You’ll be reminded by Google Assistant to change your alarms before holidays.

If the following day is a holiday, Google Assistant may soon start reminding you to disable or reschedule your daily alarm. The business had previously disclosed this functionality as a component of the March Feature Drop. Google hadn’t yet made clear how it will function at the moment. It seems that its digital assistant will work in the background.

Reddit user u/als26 received received a notification from Google Assistant today telling them to turn off their alarm before Canada Day (via 9to5Google ). The message states that Canada Day is tomorrow. The follow-up notification instructs you to tap in order to adjust your 9:30 alarm. The Redditor claims that 9:30 am is when they typically get up for work.

You are directed to the Alarm page by tapping the notification. Google Assistant will stop bothering you after this point. The alarm must be manually cancelled or rescheduled. It would have been preferable if you could have temporarily turned off the alarm for a day, as the Redditor points out. However, any helpful reminder to turn off the alarm is appreciated to prevent you from forgetting and having an unplanned alarm ruin your morning.

Advertisement ALL ANDROID DEVICES MAY RECEIVE THIS GOOGLE ASSISTANT ALARM REMINDER. It’s interesting to note that Google’s first statement implied this capability would be included in the Pixels At a Glance widget. The bedtime and timer and stopwatch integrations from the Clock app would appear beside the reminder. The feature appears to be independent of the homescreen widget because it has never had a settings toggle for it. Maybe Google Assistant will make it accessible to all Android smartphones, not just the Pixel lineup.

If Google included this Assistant capability in the Clock app, it may achieve even more success. That might open the door for more intelligent reminders, including the capability of delaying or rescheduling the alarm for a day. We’ll check if the corporation has any intentions for it. If you’ve set your alarm to repeat every day, you may expect to receive one such reminder from Google Assistant for the time being.

Google Assistant will no longer be able to set location-based reminders, according to related reports. You won’t be able to choose a location for your reminder once this modification is applied to your device. Although this comes as a surprise, Google is an expert in its field. Instead, the business advises allows you to establish schedules for specific places. Google Assistant still allows you to set reminders for a certain time.


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