You won’t need to interface with Web3 or crypto elements in OSOM’s Solana Saga.

The OSOM OV1 had been in development by the former Essential team for a time, but it was unceremoniously replaced early this year by the Solana Saga, a phone designed for Web3. Fortunately, if you don’t wish to use Web3 or crypto features, the Solana Saga won’t require any contact with them.

To summarize the previous events, Jason Keats, a former member of the team that created the Essential PH-1, reassembled some of that group to create OSOM. A spiritual sequel to Essentials’ one and only phone, the business set out to create a privacy-focused Android flagship. It promised to deliver on the same update frequency and more from the PH-1 and had a design that revived some of its best features.

The OV1 wed that we had previously met, however, was practically killed off over the summer when OSOM announced a collaboration with Web3 business Solana, which was then replaced by the Solana Saga.

Jason Keats during a Discord AMA from OSOM said this afternoon that despite its name, the Solana Saga won’t require you to use its Web3 or crypto features. He clarifies:

Furthermore, using the Solana crypto features is not at all required. Choice is one of the complementary tenets that OSOM and Solana share. On the Saga, nobody is compelled to utilize cryptocurrency. It is still a superb flagship phone with the *option* to employ extra crypto functions, which in my opinion are advantageous.

Although the shift to a Web3-focused brand highlights the device’s Web3/crypto features, it appears OSOM will continue to provide an experience that is fundamentally comparable to what was anticipated. In other remarks, Keats clarifies that the business still intends to offer fresh software upgrades for the Saga at intervals akin to those for the Essential PH-1. He also expressed a 100% guarantee that the Saga will never use the Web3/crypto side of the phone in response to a query from our Dylan Roussel .

Keats added that OSOM has no current intentions to create a phone of its own without these characteristics, stating:

No, there isn’t a cause. Use the crypto wallets if you don’t want to. Saga does not compel you to take any action relating to cryptocurrency. I don’t utilize my phone’s accessibility features, but I don’t mind that they are built into it, for example.

We confirmed that using the Saga does not also require a Solana account during a subsequent conversation with OSOM. The business explains:

No, setting up does not require a Solana Account. The web3 features Solana has built into the Saga phone will be suggested during setup, but they are not required. Your Saga phone is in your hands.

Keats claims that Web3 represents future technology and growth, and that the previous method of creating goods and businesses has stalled, which is why OSOM agreed to cooperate with Solana.

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