You might decide to cancel Netflix due to its password sharing policy.

Given how difficult it is for it to remain competitive, Netflix has undoubtedly experienced better times. The massive streaming service is thus seeking for new ways to extract more money from its customers. According to the company , Netflix is currently testing a new price for users who share their password among multiple households in Latin American nations.

People sharing their accounts with many people is one of the key reasons Netflix believes it is losing money. On some level, this does make sense. Numerous users can access the platform’s content for one monthly fee.

A FEE WILL BE APPLIED BY NETFLIX IF YOUR PASSWORD IS SHARERED BETWEEN HOUSEHOLDS So Netflix has a fresh idea to turn things around. The business was experimenting with different approaches to cut down on password sharing in Latin American nations. The business simultaneously tested numerous approaches before settling on one.

Advertisement There is now a limit of one residence per account. However, you can allow another individual to use your account if they reside in a separate home by adding a home to your account. Netflix will charge you a monthly fee if you share your password. That amount equals to $2.99 each month.

You have the option to add more properties to your account. Simply pay $2.99 for each additional house.

You shouldn’t worry just yet because Netflix is still trying this out in a few locations. In Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Honduras, and El Salvador, the business is testing this fee.

Advertisement Undoubtedly, the citizens of those nations will be angry. This applies particularly to persons who share their accounts around several different families. Without a doubt, Netflix foresaw this.

Some things will happen as a result of this new policy. First, users of other people’s accounts will have to open and maintain their own accounts. Second, those account holders who have the extra cash available each month will do so. Third, people will completely cancel their Netflix subscriptions.

We’ll have to wait to find out if Netflix’s future will be improved by this new approach. We don’t currently know how the platform’s numbers stand, but future quarters could bring about some change.



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