You might be able to link a secondary device to your account on WhatsApp.

Although WhatsApp is a very well-liked messaging app, some users complain that not all devices are supported. However, the business is moving in that direction. WABetaInfo claims that WhatsApp is developing a feature that would enable you to sync a second device to your account.

You can connect your WhatsApp account to additional devices, and those devices can access your account without an internet connection. That’s not exactly the same as having your messages synced to an account and being able to sign in to another device, though.

However, WhatsApp may allow you to add additional devices to your account. This was found in a beta version of the program, thus it isn’t yet accessible to the general public. This also implies that there’s a possibility that this functionality won’t ever be used.

Advertisement You’ll be able to access your account on another device after you enable this functionality. Your messages will be transferred to that device after you check in. When this occurs, a dialogue will appear at the top of the screen to let you know.

Depending on how many messages you have, it can take some time to copy them all across. You won’t be able to access your old messages while the app is still transferring them. You can compose new messages, but until the syncing is finished, you won’t be able to read your previous ones.

At this time, we’re unsure if WhatsApp will constantly sync the backup device. Like backing up the messages, there’s a risk that the program will sync the messages at a specific time. But that’s just conjecture.

Advertisement For those that have many devices and don’t want to use just one, this functionality may be fantastic. Having multiple devices to message individuals might be helpful. A tablet may be the secondary device, which would improve the typing experience. You will need to keep an eye out for this feature because we are unsure of when it will be released.


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