You may utilize your Netflix subscription to play these Android games.

Netflix previously declared that it would include a gaming area to its mobile app in November 2021. Although the service only had a few titles at first, it has since grown. So what Android games does Netflix’s gaming section have to offer?

Where can I find Netflix games for Android? Which Android games can I play on Netflix? NEW Lucky Luna Into the Breach Exploding Kittens Dragon Up Moonlighter Townsmen A Kingdom Rebuilt Relic Hunters: Rebels Where can I find Netflix games for Android? 0 Where can I find Netflix games for Android? 1 Where can I find Netflix games for Android? 2 Where can I find Netflix games for Android? 3 Where can I find Netflix games for Android? 4 Where can I find Netflix games for Android? 5 Where can I find Netflix games for Android? 6 Where can I find Netflix games for Android? 7 Where can I find Netflix games for Android? 8 Where can I find Netflix games for Android? 9 Which Android games can I play on Netflix? 0 Which Android games can I play on Netflix? 1 Which Android games can I play on Netflix? 2 Which Android games can I play on Netflix? 3 Which Android games can I play on Netflix? 4 Which Android games can I play on Netflix? 5 Which Android games can I play on Netflix? 6 Which Android games can I play on Netflix? 7 WHAT NETFLIX GAMES ARE AVAILABLE FOR ANDROID? It was rather simple for customers to access any of the games that the well-known streaming service has to offer. There is a Games area in the Netflix app where you can access all of the games that are available on Netflix for Android and iOS. Each game has an in-app link that must be clicked in order to download and use your Netflix subscription information to play it.

Alternately, you can click on each game’s link to the Google Play Store. The game should recognize your login information and allow you to begin playing right away if you are currently logged into the Netflix app on your phone.

WHERE CAN I ACCESS ANDROID GAMES ON NETFLIX? The list is now a little thin, as was already noted, but it is expanding. Thankfully, Netflix has a wide selection of games, so it’s simple to locate something you might like. Here is a list of Netflix games that are currently accessible on Android and iOS.

BOLD LUNA NEW Lucky You control Luna in this brilliantly designed pixel-art dungeon crawler. On an island by herself, Luna must go deep below to fulfill challenges and solve mysteries. That there is no way to jump in the game adds to its allure and terrifying nature. You remain down deeper the deeper you go.

Luna can be moved left and right by scrolling, but don’t count on being able to escape again. On Android devices with an active Netflix membership, Lucky Luna is currently playable from the Google Play Store.

ENTERING THE BREACH Into the Breach, a flawlessly executed strategy game from the creators of FTL: Faster Than Light, has you traversing some extremely hazardous terrain loaded with adversaries and obstacles. While this might appear to be a typical 2D puzzle game, getting through each level requires a lot of ability and planning. The creators excel at creating this type of game, and it is obvious.

The mobile version of this game will be available for both Android and iOS, allowing it to reach a wider audience and benefiting from the delightful absence of commercials and microtransactions. Currently, Which Android games can I play on Netflix? 8 is accessible through the Google Play Store.

EVOLVE KITTENS You’re familiar with Which Android games can I play on Netflix? 9. It’s a card game that could make you loathe your buddies because it makes you angry. This card game now has a digital equivalent as one of the newest games added to Netflix’s game library. You still have the option to play against friends and dual with the most bizarre and funny cards available in this mobile edition. According to Netflix, forthcoming game updates will contain exclusive cards that can only be discovered on the mobile edition.

Play this single-player or multiplayer game from the popular tabletop game developer Exploding Kittens with up to five of your pals while bringing the catnip. Draw as many cards as you can while attempting to avoid or neutralize lethal felines. Otherwise, the dynamite goes off!

In the amusing game DRAGON UP NEW Lucky Luna 0, you can gather uncommon dragons and aid in their magic regeneration. As you go, you can enhance your dragons and nests to expand your kingdom.

In this vibrant and gorgeously designed idle adventure game for one player, hatch unique dragon eggs and collect them after which you must aid them in regaining their magic. By learning about each dragon’s distinctive features, traits, and benefits, you can save the realm.

A well-designed, action-packed adventure, MOONLIGHTER NEW Lucky Luna 1 keeps you in a never-ending cycle of enjoyment. You get to explore dungeons at night and obliterate anything that stands in your way. Run the store during the day and earn enough money to update your tools so you can resume operations when it gets dark.

In this action role-playing game, you play Will, a brave shopkeeper who has a secret desire to be a hero. As you assist in the creation of new enterprises, create new armor and weapons, and use old equipment to level up your skills, you’ll get to know your fellow villagers. However, watch out since some nefarious characters can try to take your priceless gifts.

TOWNSMEN REBUILD A KINGDOM NEW Lucky Luna 2 is a game that makes you the king and gives you control over the entire country and its inhabitants. As you gather food and construct new homes, businesses, and shops, watch out that your village doesn’t go hungry and perish.

You and your colonists, who require food, safety, and amusement, are about to enter a crisp, vivid region. Send your builders out to build a metropolis according to your own plans. Organize employees to extract precious ore and cut wood. However, keep a watch out for disease, calamities, and the weather.

In the top-down shooter RELIC HUNTERS: REBELS NEW Lucky Luna 3, you can play as a variety of characters as you go through levels and waves of adversaries. The cartoonish, pixelated aesthetic provides a playful spirit that will keep you playing for a while without any issues. The story holds your attention and keeps you reading until the major problem, in this case teamwork, is solved.

On a planet with four warring tribes, Baru, a youthful leader, comes into contact with the Hunters. In order to take on the Ducan Empire and reclaim the all-powerful Void Stone, our heroes must assist the tribes in resolving their conflicts.

Fight adversaries and collect resources, materials, and blueprints. Make incredible weapons out of that loot, or enhance the ones you currently have. Increase the fire rate, add projectiles, and more to personalize your weapons!

THIS STORY IS REAL. The true suffering of a woman in Sub-Saharan Africa is brought to life in the sincere and unvarnished experience known as “ NEW Lucky Luna 4.” You are asked to feel the everyday effort of this woman, who must collect water.

The role-playing game, which is based on real conversations and experiences, enables players to explore a stunning, hand-painted countryside while enduring a windstorm, apprehending poachers, and even becoming friends with a goat! Insight and adventure are around every corner.

Unleashed from INTO THE DEAD 2 A zombie apocalypse is thrust upon you in Into The Dead 2: Unleashed, the sequel to Into The Dead. This game, which is categorized as a runner/shooter hybrid, screams action.

There is no specific date for the release of Into The Dead 2: Unleashed, although Netflix has stated that it will happen shortly.

Do what you must to survive in a world where no one is secure. To keep marching, maim, mown down, and kill the Dead. Players can collect and upgrade melee weapons, rifles, explosives, and more in this game, which has numerous action-packed chapters, dozens of levels (such as oil fields and military bases), and hundreds of challenges.

A new brick-breaking game called SHATTERED REMASTERED NEW Lucky Luna 5 will lead you through boss fights and unexpected turns.

Shatter Remastered, widely regarded as the game that reinvented the brick-breaking genre, includes hundreds of original levels loaded with incredible physics, power-ups, boss fights, and special attacks. These techniques are simple to learn but challenging to master. Global leaderboards are included in this updated mobile-optimized edition so you can compare your high scores to those of the world’s top brick-breakers.

In the rhythmic blow-em-up game HEXTECH MAYHEM, you sidescroll your way through complete and utter craziness.

Every action in this quick-paced rhythm game has a powerful response, and no amount of mayhem is too much. Play the part of Ziggs and go on the rampage in Piltover’s communities.

BADLAND DWARVES Join loot-hungry dwarves as they explore dungeons and defeat enemies!
Tap your way through challenging dungeons, engage in team combat, and prove to your adversaries just how tough dwarves are!

1984’s Stranger Things You may watch the well-known Netflix series in all its amazing 8-bit beauty here. This adventure game with side-scrolling characteristics is action-packed and pays a lot of respect to the original series.

In this stylish throwback adventure packed with goodies, join Hopper and the kids on brutal tasks around Hawkins and the Upside Down.
If you just want to unwind and direct a ball into a hole, TEETER (UP) is a soothing and captivating puzzle game.

Your task is to move a platform such that a ball can fall into a hole. No monsters, no dragons. The laws of physics and gravity are your only foes.

A different classic adventure game that Netflix offers is STRANGER THINGS 3: THE GAME. You can play as one of 12 distinct characters in this edition and explore the upside-down at your own risk.

As one of the twelve Stranger Things 3 playable characters, battle your way through a pixelated Hawkins. Join forces with a friend or venture into The Upside Down alone.

WonderPutt Continuity Imagine playing putt-putt without any guidelines or limitations. It is as it is.

Wonderputt Forever offers a portable trip down memory lane to uncharted territory. You must carefully consider your shots and place the ball into each distinct hole in this mini-golf game. The courses come to life as you complete each level, shifting and evolving to get you ready for the next.

BROADWAY KRISPEE Those that adored Where’s Waldo? With its vibrant art style and calming gameplay, the Android Netflix game probably will bring back some fond memories for you.

This emotional (in a good way!) hidden object game, which is based on the well-known webcomic, has hundreds of oddball characters and objects for you to find.

THE XTREME ASPHALT Off-road racing in 3D. What more could a mobile game possible provide than what it already does?
In this extreme off-road racing adventure, you will tear through canyons, drift across dunes, and fly past your competitors.
ARCANIA: THE ASCENT OF AKHAN In this open-world game, pick your heroes and set out on a heroic adventure to save Arzu.
PULLING BALLS The bowling game Bowling Ballers could be the prettiest one you’ve ever seen. Do everything you can think of.

In the majority of endless runners, you should avoid obstacles. Bor-ing! Play Bowling Ballers to try to knock as many of those annoying pins over as you can.

ASSAULT HOOPS You don’t have to comprehend how things function. Simply place it into the basket.

A dart pistol linked to a basketball? Yes, why on earth not? To force the ball through the hoop, shoot darts in the proper direction. only the net.

KNITTENS Darling, no cat loves to appear dowdy! By learning how to do this, which turns yarn into fashionable clothing, you can make cats seem their best.

Cafe Dominoes Settle in for a game of one-on-one or two-on-two competitions including a variety of realistic obstacles.
BLAST CARD Create a winning hand in this that is ideal for the casual gamer, perhaps even scoring a complete house.

As previously indicated, more Netflix Android games will be released in the future. The good thing about what Netflix offers is that these games are ad-free and cost nothing to play if you have a Netflix subscription.

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