You may now “unmention” yourself on Twitter thanks to a recent update.

Following testing that began back in April, Twitter has officially announced the launch of its new Unmention tool, allowing users to quit a conversation. Effectively, every user is now using the updated feature , which is now rolling out widely . However, we haven’t yet seen it appear on Android Headlines devices, so it might take a little longer for some people.

The function allows users to delete the reference to their profile from a chat, as suggested by the feature’s branding.

DO YOU ACTUALLY GET TO LEAVE A CONVERSATION USING THE NEW FEATURE? With Twitter’s new Unmention tool, users can no longer necessarily end a conversation. Not the same manner that blocking or muting does, at least. Any remarks that have been made will stand. Additionally, users will still be able to directly access the conversation. Additionally, they will be able to keep responding to and commenting on the topic.

Advertisement The new functionality eliminates any service-based nudges that were trying to get consumers back into the chat. Additionally, as mentioned above, take away the tag that links to their personal page. Therefore, users cannot just tap on a user’s tag to access their profile in the well-known social media platform.

In short, the new function prevents users from being brought up again in the thread or topic. Additionally, any upcoming notifications that go back to the thread or conversation will be stopped.

WHAT IS THE NEW TWITTER UNMENTION FEATURE USED FOR? Users only need to access the Tweet in which they have been mentioned, choose the three-dot menu in the top right corner of the UI, and then use the new function. The new Unmention option will then be activated after choosing to end this conversation. Complete with a description of what the feature actually accomplishes and, of course, the choice to continue the dialogue. The function is accessible through both mobile apps and websites.


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