You may now restrict adverts for sensitive topics like gambling, dating, and pregnancy on Google.

YouTube began enabling viewers to block alcohol and gambling advertisements in December of 2020. These ad limitations are currently being increased and now cover more sensitive categories on Google’s larger Display network.

Prior to being made available globally on the video site, these controls for gambling and alcoholic beverage advertisements were initially made available to YouTube viewers in the United States.

The Google Display network will soon implement controls on sensitive ads. With this extension, three other categories—dating, weight loss, and pregnancy and parenting—will also be introduced to YouTube.

Click Select fewer as necessary at the bottom of the Google Ad Settings page as you go down.

People desire more control over their exposure to ads, including the ability to block ads or categories they would rather not view. We’ve always prioritized providing transparency and control, so we’re increasing our tools to give users the option to see less pregnancy and parenting, dating, and weight loss ads. We’ll keep paying attention to customer input as we research which categories to include this feature in later.

Group Product Manager for Ads Privacy Karin Hennessy
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