You May Be Able To Co-Write Tweets On Twitter With Other Accounts

The act of tweeting has always been unique. You jot your ideas down and upload them to your account. But what if you wanted to work on your tweets with another person? CoTweets is a new feature that Twitter is developing. You may actually collaborate on tweets with other accounts using this capability.

This really shouldn’t be a surprise. There are additional systems that enjoy encouraging user collaboration. On their films, users can collaborate on TikTok and Instagram. It enables users to publish more videos and have more fun on the network.

COTWEETS CAN NOW ALLOW PEOPLE TO CO-WRITE TWEETS The Verge claims that Twitter has been experimenting with allowing several authors to contribute to a tweet. It was covered by the journal back in April. Since then, Twitter has confirmed to The Verge that the feature is now being tested by a small number of users.

Advertisement As a result, a few individuals were able to pool their resources and broadcast some coordinated tweets. You must visit the genuine site because the example below does not accurately represent the CoTweet.

We have a CoTweet for you, Emma and I.
@kvlly Kelly Vaughn July 7, 2022

Advertisement The identities of the two people who wrote the tweet are separated by a and when someone posts a CoTweet. Although this is accurate, the tweet will still be managed by a main account. Of course, the account that sent the first tweet will be the main account.

HOW DO THESE FUNCTION? You must first ask a second person to be tagged in the tweet if you wish to write a CoTweet. After that, you’ll be able to contact them via direct message to talk about what you want the tweet to be about. You’ll then be able to post the tweet once your brainstorming is complete. However, it must first be approved by the other party.

Advertisement When you’re done, your followers will be able to see that you both contributed to the tweet. This appears to be a really great feature that will allow users and brands to advertise projects and interact with their followers on the app.


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