You Can Zoom Into Videos Through A YouTube Experiment

For a short period of time, YouTube has a program where you can try out new and experimental features before other users. It’s an intriguing benefit, and a new one at that. You can easily pinch and zoom into YouTube videos for a limited period.

You can currently enlarge videos (well, sorta). When you pinch, the image will fill the phone’s display. The development of phones with taller aspect ratios brought about this. Although it’s only a small zoom-in, you may pinch to get a little closer to stuff.

You may zoom into videos using the YouTube experiment. Although the existing technology allows for a slight zoom-in, YouTube intends to go even further. The company is now testing out the option for users to freely zoom in on a video. According to Android Police , this will enable viewers to zoom in on a specific area of the video.

Advertisement Additionally, you have the option to zoom in even further to the video. It’s an effective approach to take a closer look at a certain section of the film. You might wish to focus on a brief passage of text or a little detail. As you might anticipate, the video will get less clear as you zoom in.

You can zoom into a video up to 8x, which is fair, in terms of zoom range. When you zoom in, all it takes to move the screen to your desired location is a single finger swipe.

THE WAY TO ACTIVATE THE FEATURE There are a few things you should know about this experimental functionality if you’re interested. To start, only subscribers to YouTube Premium are eligible to use this function. If you’re on your phone, open the YouTube app’s settings and look for the Try new features area. You may enable the feature by tapping on it, which will reveal it.

Advertisement You should visit the experiments page if you’re using a browser. You can choose to enable the feature from there after seeing it. You should give the feature about 10 minutes to take effect after you enable it. Additionally, you should confirm that your YouTube app is completely updated.

Use of this function is only permitted through September 1st. You can send the business feedback on the functionality during this time. Who knows whether the corporation will make it an official feature if it receives a lot of favorable feedback?


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