You Can Wake Your Phone With The WaveUp App Without Touching It

has the single objective of enabling touchless phone wake-up. When you want to see the clock, alerts, or anything else that is on your lockscreen, you can simply wave your hand over the display to wake it.

Your phone may wake up with the WaveUp app without your touch. Of course, your home screen will show up if you don’t have a lockscreen. Like other, similar apps that have appeared over the past year, this one functions via the proximity sensor of the phone.

Many of those apps weren’t functional on earlier Android versions. Well, it appears that this one performs as promised. Although we only gave it a cursory test, it performed as expected, and most users appear to be content with it.

Advertisement Additionally, you have a few choices when it comes to configuring this program. You can choose the necessary amount of waves, turn on Pocket mode if you’d like, and other options. Because it will stop the app from waking up your phone when it’s in your pocket, the Pocket mode is very helpful.

It’s really a pretty straightforward program that accomplishes one thing exceptionally well. Its setting settings are appreciated because they let you customize how this application functions.

There is also a paid version available. Be aware that the app is offered in both free and paid editions. Neither one has in-app purchases or advertisements. Both of them are linked below the article as distinct apps in the Google Play Store.

Advertisement They even do nearly the same functions. In the commercial edition of the software, the developer included a fun feature, if we can call it that. No features were locked in the free version.

It has some cool fortune cookie sayings and goes by the name WaveUp Fortune Cookies Super Duper Pro, but that’s about it. If you like the program, there is a paid version available so you can support the developer.

You will only need to spend $0.99 to purchase that edition, which is also quite affordable. From the links below, you can download either version of the software. You can also view some authorized screenshots.


WaveUp app image 1
WaveUp app image 2
WaveUp app image 3
WaveUp app image 4
WaveUp app image 5
WaveUp app image 6
WaveUp app image 7
WaveUp app image 8


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