You Can Sing Karaoke on Spotify (And Rate Your Singing)

While listening to your favorite music is fantastic, singing along is more enjoyable. You can join in the excitement and sing your heart out with a new feature that Spotify is rolling out. The Spotify app will soon include a new karaoke feature that will let you to sing along with your favorite musicians, according to Tech Radar (and rate your voice).

Spotify strives to be more than a simple music streaming service. Along with the music, there are podcasts and audiobooks available. Additionally, you may track live events in your neighborhood and purchase tickets directly from the app.

SPOTIFY NOW HAS A KARAOKE MODE SO YOU CAN SING ALONG We’re all guilty of singing along to our favorite songs, so why not spice it up a little? The Spotify app will play the song normally when in karaoke mode.

Advertisement While you sing, your microphone will turn on and listen to your voice. Additionally, in typical karaoke bar style, the lyrics will appear on the screen for you to read.

You would be foolish if you believed that singing along with Taylor Swift in the solitude of your bedroom would protect you from criticism. As mentioned, the program listens to your voice using the microphone. As a result, it will listen to the audio and rate how well you sing.

Now, because speech quality is so subjective, it would be quite difficult for AI to evaluate your voice. However, it’s probably just assessing how well-matched your voice is to the song. You’ll receive a rating, and if you’re not happy with it, you can retake the test to achieve a higher grade.

Advertisement READY TO GET SINGING? If you haven’t seen this feature yet, don’t worry. It’s still being rolled out. Most likely, it simply hasn’t arrived at your phone. But you should receive it within the next few days.

Make sure Spotify is running at the most recent version possible. Browse the Google Play Store for the Spotify app. If the green Update button is visible at the top of the UI, tap it to start the installation. The Spotify app’s karaoke feature should then become visible.

USE SUGGESTIONS Start a song by displaying the lyrics. You ought to notice a Sing button on the upper right corner of the user interface. When you hit the button, karaoke mode will be activated.



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