You can post polls and ask questions on Google Meet anonymously.

When participating in a poll or asking questions during a meeting, Google Meet will allow you to remain anonymous. You can post a question or take a poll anonymously. The meeting hosts and co-hosts are in charge of these aspects, though. As a result, you might not always be able to remain anonymous during Google Meet conferences.

The business claims that all meetings will by default allow for anonymous inquiries. The feature can be turned off by meeting hosts and co-hosts by going to Meeting Activities andgt; Allow Inquiries in Qandamp;A andgt; Allow Anonymous questions. Therefore, be sure to double-check the settings before posting that query you don’t want to make public.

On the other side, anonymous polls are by default disabled. If meeting hosts or co-hosts want participants to be allowed to respond anonymously, they must manually activate it when sharing a poll. It is a straightforward toggle that can be seen below. The responders’ names and responses will be made anonymous.

Advertisement Please be aware that the settings do not carry over from one meeting to the next if you are the host or co-host. Therefore, the settings will return to default for the following meeting regardless of whether anonymous questions and polls were enabled or removed for the previous meeting. Each meeting will require manual configuration of them.

According to Google, enabling anonymous polling and question-asking can boost meeting attendees’ participation. It might have been a popular demand from Google Meet users. In public gatherings, these elements also assist in preserving privacy.

The hosts, your Google Workspace Admin, and Google will keep track of your questions and responses, even though anonymous questions and poll responses will keep your identity secret from other meeting attendees. Later, the business will anonymize or erase the information.

Advertisement ANONYMOUS QUESTIONS AND POLL RESULT SUPPORT IS BEING RELEASED BY GOOGLE MEET. Users on the Scheduled Release and Rapid Release domains are now receiving the new Google Meet capabilities. The features may take up to 15 days to become available to all qualified customers after the rollout, which started on Tuesday, July 19. These functionalities are not subject to admin control.

Google states that the majority of Workspace customers, including Workspace Essentials, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Essentials, Business Standard, Enterprise Plus, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, Education Plus, Nonprofits, and legacy G Suite Business customers, will have available support for anonymous questions and poll responses. Google Workspace Individual users can also take anonymous polls. Both are unavailable to clients of Workspace Business Starter, Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, Frontline, and old G Suite Basic.


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