You can now “dislike” comments made by TikTok users.

Any social media or video-sharing website serves as a breeding ground for, shall we say, objectionable remarks. They can be everything from irritating to outright abusive, and some platforms let us express our disagreement by giving them a dislike. The next firm to allow users to disapprove of remarks made by others is TikTok.

There are now only a few venues that allow you to dislike other people’s remarks. Reddit and YouTube are a couple of examples. You’re more likely to receive a low rating for your remark if you offer a poor interpretation or disrespect the artist. That ought to serve as motivation to comment politely at all times (yet, a lot of people still dont get the message).

USERS CAN DISLIKE COMMENTS ON TIKTOK If you frequently watch TikTok, you’ve probably left your fair share of comments. You would receive a like on it if someone liked your comment. The platform does not, however, want you to get away with making offensive comments. The company’s plans to introduce a dislike button for comments were announced. That day has finally arrived, according to a tweet from the business (via Engadget ).

Advertisement The small thumbs-down icon to its right will fill in when you comment on a video that is best left unsaid. Although it’s improbable, we’re not sure if you’ll receive any form of warning that your comment was unpopular.

TikTok makes it clear that the user who disliked something will remain anonymous. So don’t be concerned about any negative reactions.

A new function is coming. We started testing a new method for individuals to mark comments as irrelevant or offensive earlier this year. After some testing, we’re making it available worldwide. Here are 3 quick facts:

TikTokComms (@TikTokComms) is an advertisement. September 23, 2022

Additionally, the user won’t be able to see how many people disapproved of their comment. They will only be aware that the comment was disliked by a large number of individuals. The business claimed it was mostly done so it could determine what types of remarks individuals disapproved of.

Advertisement There’s a chance you won’t notice the feature right now because it’s still being rolled out. To be sure, you’ll want to confirm that your app has been fully updated.


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