You Can Design Your Own Avatars For Video Calls With WhatsApp

For its messaging service, WhatsApp introduced its own collection of emojis back in 2017. The Meta-owned site now appears to be getting ready to allow users to design their own virtual avatars. The always-reliable people at WABetaInfo have discovered which can be utilized in video chats or sent in talks.

This new WhatsApp function is reportedly currently under development. Users will notice a Switch to avatar option on the screen while making video calls, according to a screenshot supplied by the magazine. On top of the video feed, the button is layered. You can stream a personalized avatar rather than your video by tapping it.

Additionally, you can send your personalized avatars as chat stickers. You may send these personalized stickers using WhatsApp both privately and publicly. The well-known messaging service will include a component within the app called Avatar Editor that is specifically dedicated to the avatar creation process. It functions as a substitute for Bitmoji and Memoji.

Advertisement Sadly, there isn’t much information available concerning WhatsApp’s Avatar Editor. Therefore, it is unknown how it will operate and how much customization the app will provide. We should find out about it soon, hopefully.

These in-progress WhatsApp features were discovered by WABetaInfo in the Android beta version The magazine does, however, reveal that similar personalized avatar features will also be added to the iOS version of the instant messaging software.

CUSTOM AVATARS FOR VIDEO CALLS ARE BEING DEVELOPED BY WHATSAPP. As previously said, WhatsApp is still working on this functionality. Beta testers still haven’t been given access to it. The screenshot that follows depicts an early version of its implementation, but nothing is working. If all goes according to plan, the business might launch the option to design unique avatars for video calls in the beta channel in the upcoming weeks. After then, there will be a stable rollout. However, bear in mind that nothing is finalized yet. As soon as further information becomes available, we’ll let you know.

Advertisement WhatsApp is also aiming to make heart emojis of all hues beat in chats, which is a related development. Currently, only the red-colored heart emoji features the beating animation. Similar animation is currently being tested internally for the remaining heart emojis on the platform. Since last year, this change has been under progress. Therefore, it may soon be made available to the whole public, at least in the beta channel. We’ll keep you informed.


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