Yesterday, there was a report that Nothing was developing a new gadget. The Nothing Phone (1) Lite was the name of that gadget. It appears that the Nothing Phone (1) Lite will not be released after all.

According to the company, THE NOTHING PHONE (1) LITE IS NOT COMING AT ALL. Nothing, according to Phone Arena , decided to put an end to such rumors quickly. The corporation only needed to state that it is not currently working on the alleged item; further explanation wasn’t really necessary. Therefore, it’s likely that the original rumor was false.

But let’s review. The Mobile Indian was the source of the initial report, which stated that the device will be comparable to the standard model but without the LED Glyph system. It was stated that the phone would have a typical glass back.

Advertisement Also suggested for said smartphone were 6GB of RAM and 33W wired charging. Additionally, a 5,000mAh battery was mentioned in that report, which would be a boost from the 4,500mAh unit found inside the Nothing Phone (1).

THE ESTIMATED PRICE OF THIS PHONE WAS $308. According to the insider, both the SoC and the display will stay the same. So the Snapdragon 778G SoC would be used, along with a 6.55-inch fullHD 120Hz display. A $308 (equivalent) price tag was offered as the cherry on top.

Now that we are aware that the Nothing Phone (1) is not, at least not yet, a reality, That’s not to suggest that Nothing isn’t already functional on a new gadget. It’s intriguing that nothing formally rejected these rumors.

Advertisement companies don’t typically act in that manner, but there you are. It’s good to have government approval for something like this, especially if the information provided is wholly inaccurate. Given Nothing’s denial, it’s possible that’s the situation this time.

Right now, you can buy the Nothing Phone (1), but not in the US. However, it is accessible in a number of different places. Nothing was able to generate a significant amount of buzz about this technology and generate widespread curiosity. Many of them also registered for pre-orders. It is uncertain whether Nothing will share any future sales figures.


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