XLOOKUP, Named Functions, and a few other sophisticated capabilities are now available in Google Sheets.

This week, Google Sheets is helping power users out because the Excel substitute has recently included XLOOKUP and a number of other long-missing functions.

shared this week a description of various new capabilities that have been added to Google Sheets from Ben Collins, a Google Developer Expert who works with Sheets. 10 new features in particular will be useful for power users.

In a blog post announcing the functionality, Google went on to explain:

We’re introducing named functions, a brand-new feature that lets you build powerful custom functions that work with pre-built Sheets formula constructions. You can also import named functions from already-existing Sheets files to retain reusability between files, enabling you to employ functions developed in one Sheets file in another Sheets file.

Named Functions is one of the new features that enables users to preserve and rename custom functions so they can be used in the same or different Google Sheets files in the future. Similar to LaMDA, Google’s natural language AI, the new LAMBDA function can generate unique, reusable functions with placeholder inputs.

Support for the XLOOKUP and XMATCH capabilities in Google Sheets, which have been an obvious missing for some time, is one of the largest new improvements. As demonstrated below in Collins demo, these functions enable spreadsheets to surface data during a search.

google sheets xlookup
google sheets xmatch

Google Sheets’ XLOOKUP and XMATCH functions A few additional cutting-edge capabilities for spreadsheet users have also been added to Google Sheets in addition to those potent ones. These consist of:

MAP stands for mapping input data to a new value. REDUCE: assemble the input array into a single value MAKEARRAY: Utilizes LAMBDA to create an array of distinct sizes, much as SEQUENCE. SCAN: Examines array row by row, applying LAMBDA function to each value. BYROW/BYCOL: by combining each row and column into a single value, performs an operation on a range and returns a new column or row. Beginning this week and continuing for the next two weeks, Google will make these new features available to all users.

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