Xiaomi Patents a DSLR-Style Zoom Mechanism

A DSLR-like camera zoom mechanism is being developed by Xiaomi, according to the most recent patent application. This information was provided by well-known Chinese tipper Digital Chat Station (through xiaomiui ).

A smartphone with a single camera on the back is displayed here. Of course, that is simply a placeholder picture. It does depict a sizable camera sensor with a moving physical element, similar to those found in real cameras, with changing focal length.

A DSLR-LIKE CAMERA ZOOM SYSTEM MAY BE ADDED BY XIAOMI TO ITS SMARTPHONES. If a DSLR-like camera zoom mechanism is used, effectively, only one camera sensor is required. This might be a game-changer if Xiaomi uses an excellent sensor and implements it properly.

Advertisement However, Xiaomi is by no means the only business engaged in this. A phone would become heavier with such an installation, especially on the top. Therefore, we are not certain that this is the best option for normal phones.

In the past, Samsung introduced the Galaxy K Zoom and S4 Zoom, both of which had cameras with adjustable focal lengths. The Galaxy K Zoom had a 10x optical zoom with a 24-240mm focal length in 35mm terms. Sadly, that phone was quite thick and heavy.

With the Xperia 1 IV, which also has variable focal length, Sony adopted a more measured stance. It has an optical zoom range of 3.5x to 5.2x. This mechanism won’t literally protrude out of a phone, and its implementation is much more restrained than what Xiaomi had in mind.

Advertisement THIS PATENT DOES NOT IMPLY ANY GUARANTEE. But we’re not sure if the business will ever turn something like this into a reality. The reality remains that this would significantly increase the weight and thickness of a phone. We weren’t sure if typical shoppers would buy it.

However, if Xiaomi manages to keep the weight and thickness to a certain extent in check and it ends up being sold as a special edition phone, some people may be interested in it. Well, especially if Leica joins the package along with a sensor that is genuinely intriguing.

Great camera smartphones are nothing new for Xiaomi, and the company is presently working with Leica. The Xiaomi 12S Ultra, although not being released internationally, is a true testament to the company’s capabilities. However, Xiaomi intends to expand into international markets with the Xiaomi 13 series and that 1-inch camera sensor.


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