Xbox Series X|S Consoles now have faster boot times.

Thanks to some updates Microsoft has made to the platform, it appears that Xbox Series X|S consoles will now boot up more quickly than they did in the past. Although it makes sense to want better visuals and additional functions, boot times are a crucial component of the system. especially in the modern day.

Nobody wants to be forced to wait any longer than necessary to enjoy their amusement. Microsoft is improving Xbox Series X|S boot times for Insiders in the most recent Xbox Insider test versions, according to The Verge .

The best part is that it doesn’t seem like Microsoft had to go through a particularly difficult process. And when you think about it, the relatively straightforward technique has a certain charm.

Advertisement BOOT TIMES FOR XBOX SERIES X|S ARE NOW 5 SECONDS FASTER It’s not just you if you recently started up your Xbox Series X|S console and noticed that it seemed a little faster than before. Now, the console boots up in 5 seconds less time than before.

Simply cutting the boot animation was all that Microsoft needed to do to accomplish this. Josh Munsee, director of integrated marketing for Xbox, announced the modifications on Twitter on July 23. Despite this, there are still a few limitations to the quicker boot speeds.

For the time being, access is only available to Xbox Insiders. Additionally, the quicker startup times will only be accessible if your console is in energy-saving mode. This turns the console off entirely.

Advertisement With this modification, the energy-saving mode startup time is reduced from 20 to 15 seconds. It is also fast enough to persuade some users to try energy saving mode rather than standby, even though it is slower than putting the console in sleep mode so you can play games virtually instantly.

Non-Insiders won’t be able to see this modification because it is currently included in the most recent Insider test build. When they will switch from the Insider test build to a stable build is not yet known by Microsoft.


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