Xbox Game Pass Family Plan is being tested by Microsoft with insiders.

Today, Microsoft announced the launch of a new Xbox Game Pass family package that it is now testing. Even while Microsoft isn’t calling it a family plan by name, it sounds just like one by the sounds of it. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members have the option of sharing their membership with up to four additional persons. At the end of March, Microsoft announced that a family plan was in the works.

allowing for additional enjoyment while playing games with friends and/or family. According to Microsoft, enrollment is restricted for the new plan in question, which is now commencing with a modest testing pool. However, enrollment will be open as long as the offer is still available. Microsoft, regrettably, doesn’t specify how long that will take. There is yet another warning. The Xbox Game Pass family plan is currently only offered in two nations.

IN COLOMBIA AND IRELAND, INSIDERS ARE TESTING THE XBOX GAME PASS FAMILY PLAN. As we previously mentioned, things are just getting started. Starting today, Xbox Game Pass Insiders in Colombia and Ireland will have the option of signing up for this new preview plan. The advantages of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can be shared with up to four additional people for those who are able to acquire access.

Advertisement You don’t have to be an Insider to share it with someone. However, Microsoft does specify that they must be in the same nation as the subscriber. The new strategy also seems to be more expensive. Prices aren’t specified in any detail. However, Microsoft claims that enrolling in the Insider Preview will transfer any remaining membership time to the new plan.

For instance, according to the business, a full month of Ultimate can be converted to 18 days of the new plan. Which implies that it is roughly twice as expensive as Ultimate. A full month of Ultimate is $14.99 for US members.

Additionally, individuals who are invited cannot convert. If those users currently have a membership, they will have to either cancel it or wait until it expires.



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