Wordle is currently working out functionality for device syncing. {U}

Wordle, the wildly popular web game that has been sweeping the globe for the past year, is poised to receive a significant makeover. The option to sync your progress across various devices is now supported by Wordle.

Wordle has only ever operated on a single device at a time ever since the game began and continues to this day. Everything is left on your smartphone if you start there. You also lose all of your progress if the device is reset, stolen, or lost.

Thanks to The New York Times’ purchase of Wordle, that is about to change.

The New York Times announced on July 12 via a Twitter thread that there would soon be a way to link your Wordle progress to your NYT account, enabling progress to sync between different devices. You can play toward your progress from any device that you are logged into since your progress will sync between all of your devices.

Update 7/16: It appears like Wordle is broadly implementing account integration with The New York Times as of this weekend. On the stats screen, beneath your record, the login option can be seen live on a variety of devices. You can sign in using a New York Times account that you already have or establish a new one using Google, Facebook, or Apple sign-in.

According on how The Times has worded this, the capability appears to be rolling out immediately but may not be accessible to all users just yet. On our end, we haven’t yet noticed the change in real time.

It should also be mentioned that the procedure cannot be stopped.

Although it was originally an independent project, Wordle was purchased by The New York Times early this year . Tens of millions of people are playing the game, which is undoubtedly fantastic news for everyone. Even though Wordle is only a silly word game, losing progress is never amusing. Now, regardless matter the device they choose to play, gamers will be able to save their progress.

Prior to the purchase of the NYT, Google capitalized on the Wordle craze with a playful homage and homepage Doodle to promote the Pixel 6.
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