Wordle Answer #489 for today’s prompt – October 21, 2022 Solution and Hints

Grove is the answer to the Wordle problem for today (#489 — October 21, 2022). A grove is a sparsely vegetated area with sparsely spaced trees. According to Collins Dictionary , it also refers to “a road flanked by houses and frequently trees, especially in a suburban region.” In that scenario, the name of the street would likely include the word “grove” — for instance, Palm Grove.

The word “grove” comes from the Old English word “graf,” which means “copse” or “little wood,” and is related to the word “graeafa,” which means “thicket” (via Etymonline ). The phrase appears in the title of American author Mary McCarthy’s book, “The Groves of Academe,” which is regarded as the first academic fiction. As is customary for us, we skipped the suggested opening words today and chose the random word “guild” instead. It paid off, and with a fortunate second guess, groan, the solution was obvious. We expect you to finish the puzzle more quickly.


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