Wordle Answer #475 for today

The answer to the Wordle puzzle from today (#475 October 7, 2022) is excellent. When things are going well, they are dandy, and a man who preens is a dandy. The word’s origin in its noun form, According to Etymonline , is unknown, but the most widely accepted theory is that it derives from the French word “Dandin,” a jesting surname for a fool. Its derivation in the adjective form is also mostly unknown, however according to Etymonline, it dates back to 1786.

It took us six tries to finally solve the puzzle today, which was a really close call and put a stop to our three-try record up until yesterday. The term train, which appears somewhere on WordleBot’s list of suggested starter words, was our first guess, but it didn’t turn out to be very successful. We then tried the term “plane,” but that again didn’t work out. The third attempt almost worked since our guess, “sandy,” contained four of the right characters. Sadly, we correctly identified the terms randy and bandy before the solution was revealed on the sixth guess. We wish you enormous success in comparison to us.


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