Wordle Answer #473 for today

The word marsh is the solution to today’s Wordle puzzle (#473 for October 5, 2022). The Oxford English Dictionary defines a marsh as a region of soft, wet land that is readily and frequently inundated during wet seasons or at high tide and is consequently always under water.

The Middle English word “mersh,” which comes from the Old English words “mersc” or “merisc,” which imply marsh or swamp, is where the word “marsh” first appeared. It may also have come from the Late Latin word “mariscus,” which itself came from the Proto-West Germanic word “marisk,” which was derived from the words “mari” or “mere.” The last two words both denote a body of water or a sea (via Etymonline ).

Even though our first guess, wound, is not on the list of starter words for Wordle that experts recommend, we were nevertheless able to solve the problem in three tries today, just like we did yesterday and the day before. See? Sometimes breaking the law is advantageous! The fact that we now have a three-try streak under our belts is fantastic, but what would make us even more thrilled is if this post also helped you finish your Wordle puzzle in record speed.


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