Wordle Answer #454 for today

The answer to the Wordle crossword puzzle for today (#454 on September 16, 2022) is parer. According to The Free Dictionary , that’s a thin, sharp knife used to remove the skin or outer layer from fruits and vegetables. However, the term can also apply to a beautician who “trims and polishes the fingernails.” The word “parer” is also used to describe a pencil sharpener, a straightforward device used to hone a pencil’s writing point by shaving away the wood to reveal fresh lead.

The noun form of the verb “pare,” “parer,” means to prepare, trim, or cut off. The verb “pare” has its roots in the Middle English word “paren,” which was derived from the Anglo-French word “parer.” The Latin term “parre,” which means “to furnish, provide, or make ready,” is where it all began (via Merriam-Webster ). It serves as the basis for expressions like “pared down” and “pared back,” which both refer to items that have been stripped down to their most basic components and are devoid of extraneous elements. Speaking of trimming excesses, if you use iOS and find the new iOS 16 home screen a bit overwhelming, you can make it more manageable by deleting the search option.


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