Wordle Answer #406 for today

The word “bluff,” which has several various meanings, is the solution to today’s Wordle problem (#406 July 30, 2022). A person is bluff if they are friendly and outgoing. Someone who makes an empty threat is bluffing. If you challenge someone to go ahead and carry out their claimed plan in the hopes of exposing their hoax, you are calling their bluff. A broad, flattened front would be characterized by the term “bluff.” A broad, rounded cliff could be A bluff .

The word “bluff” comes from the old Dutch word “blaf,” which implies flat in this latter usage (via Merriam-Webster ). Its roots are in the Dutch verb “bluffen,” which means to boast, and is used to describe meaningless threats. It’s not immediately clear how the word changes from flatness to someone who is “good-naturedly forthright.”

We made four guesses before finding the solution, matching the amount of guesses the Wordlebot would have needed to complete the puzzle. We chose the opening word “audio” today, and the second guess, “slurp,” resulted in the turning of two tiles green. Now that you have the solution in your possession, perhaps it won’t take you more than four tries to complete the puzzle. Merry Friday!


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