Without unlocking your Pixel, manage Google Home devices. This is how.

You may now operate Google Home devices from the Pixel lock screen shortcut without unlocking your phone thanks to an update to Android 13 from Android 12. This is the procedure.

You must modify a toggle in the settings of your Pixel to alter how it manages your devices. The options for this function appear to be somewhat obscure and are not switched on by default. Even with that, activating this setting on the Pixel is still among the simpler options. Here’s how to enable device control from the lock screen on the Pixel.

Swipe down twice and tap the settings cog on your Google Pixel to access Settings. After that, select Display. Select Lock screen. On/off the control from locked device setting.

Control Google Home Pixel lock screen

The end! From your lock screen, you can now turn on lights, activate your smart vacuum, and even adjust the temperature. Your fingerprint is no longer required to be entered.

As an alternative, you can ask Google Assistant from the lock screen to turn on particular lights and gadgets. Some people might find this to be a simpler alternative since it doesn’t even involve using the phone.

The Google Home shortcut was first made available in Android 12. The Google Home shortcut was an excellent new addition to the Pixels lock screen even with the capability disabled. Because of this, you could access your Home controls right away without having to open the app and sift through dozens of devices. Along with the Google Home control shortcut, a new Quick Settings tile was added, which directs you to previously configured device controls.

You couldn’t control your Google Home devices before this new OS release without getting past your Google Pixel lock screen. Even while it might have seemed like a good idea at the time, the lockout made it difficult to rapidly turn on some lights. You can now choose to let your phone manage lights devoid of a PIN or fingerprint.

All in all, the Android 13 update’s secret setting completely changes how you can access your Google Home controls from the Pixels lock screen. Although the feature was fantastic in theory previously, it is now a little more developed and a lot quicker to use.

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