Without Spending a Fortune, Get a Lavish HDB Interior Design Look

Modern society has profoundly inspired people in recent years to express their uniqueness. The need to stand out has thus given rise to strange ideas, some of which have been included into HDB interior design. In all honesty, the fusion of luxury and modernism is nothing new. different level aesthetics are still necessary for the style. Additionally, you will undoubtedly require a sizeable portion of your budget to make a HDB interior design function. Thankfully, possible can achieve the traditional opulent aesthetic without breaking the bank. In fact, adding a statement leather sofa or some distinctive chandeliers will drain your bank account. However, making wise decisions and concentrating on what matters most will help you get far. Here are our top six suggestions for your opulent modern home design:

DRAMATIC LOOK WITH DARK ACCENTS Dark colors may be avoided in interior design more often than not since they evoke unfavorable feelings. Fortunately, if you know what you’re doing, that’s not the case. Darker accents are necessary in every opulent interior in this sense. Making a bold statement should unquestionably be a part of your design strategy.

Take kitchen cabinets, which come in a pitch-black option. They will go well with perfectly ‘s light brown cabinet doors with a white color scheme. To finish the aesthetic, put everything together with a tall, black refrigerator. You may keep the color scheme of your HDB home interior consistent. For a seamless appearance, you can substitute golden brown wood for the light brown veneer.

INCLUDE MODERN MID-CENTURY ELEMENTS You’ve probably watched at least one of these films where the plot centers on noble Europeans from the 17th or 18th centuries. They reside in houses with gorgeous interior decor that is impossible to ignore. Fortunately, you may always incorporate some mid-century modern components to approximate the preferred look.

Indeed, if you know what you’re doing, the look is simple to pull off. Just hang some rectangular frames on your walls that are golden and white. Additionally, you can decorate your walls with artwork in the coordinating color. Don’t forget to include some wall scones to complete the theme.

LUXURY FURNITURE Undoubtedly, leather has long represented elegance. This makes it a necessary component of every opulent HDB interior design. You can typically choose a cozy black or dark brown sofa. However, you are only limited by your imagination. For instance, you may get some leather ottomans for your living room or add leather seats to your luggage.

CHAIRS FOR WINGBACK Wingback chairs are perfect if you enjoy traditional luxury! In fact, this item is arguably among the most instantly recognizable features of every HDB room. Additionally, these seats are exceptionally comfortable, which will make the entire investment worthwhile.


Since wingback chairs are frequently quite pricey, looking for alternatives won’t be a bad idea. If money is tight, you may always choose for an IKEA chair set or a traditional armchair. In Bordeau, you can upholster the latter with fabric to match the ambiance.

STATEMENT MODIFICATIONS Without a doubt, classy chandeliers are a distinguishing feature of every opulent home design. Particularly in the dining area, the shimmering glitter they generate is undeniably worthwhile. In the end, the combination of elegant furnishings will exude a lux vibe. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on several items. Instead, you can mix and match fixtures with no risk using modern or industrial-styled ones.

WIDER ART Last but not least, don’t overlook the important significance wall art has in expressing uniqueness. In fact, it’s important to remember that when making a statement, your interior design must be distinctive. Therefore, you ought to add at least one beautiful work of art to your HDB BTO living room and bedroom .

LAST THOUGHTS To sum up, investing a lot of money isn’t always necessary to produce an inspired HDB interior design . Most of the time, originality and some original ideas are key. You can always turn to specialists like AC Vision if you continue to feel the need for professional assistance. In fact, the business offers a wide range of services, including HDB interior design. In this way, the designers will fulfill your extravagant desire without costing you a fortune.


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