Without Google at the helm, Mercedes-Benz signs a partnership for Android-based infotainment.

As a result of Google’s promotion of Android Automotive as the upcoming automotive technology, well-known brands like Ford and Honda have joined. But as of late, Mercedes-Benz has joined the list of automakers using Android Automotive, albeit in a version developed independently of Google.

Mercedes-Benz and Faurecia and Aptoide have agreed, according to Reuters .

Future Mercedes-Benz vehicles will run open-source versions of the Automotive platform without Google’s apps and services, such as the Play Store, but they will still have Android-based infotainment systems. Instead, Aptoide will serve as Mercedes’s app shop.

For automakers, this isn’t a brand-new concept. Before joining Mercedes-Benz, Faurecia-Aptoide signed agreements to power their Android Automotive experiences without Google’s aid with Volkswagen and BMW . Three million automobiles utilize Faurecia’s Aptoide platform, the company claims.

What are the advantages of that? Thomas Belin, the deputy general manager at Faurecia-Aptoides, said:

We will give a far more flexible app store so that any developer may truly appropriate the solution, select their ecosystem, and exercise control over personal data, which is a crucial concern.

Traditional Android Automotive experiences, like the one we recently tried in a Polestar car, require users to sign in with a Google account. But in the case of Volkswagen, the mechanism makes use of a myvolkswagen account. Mercedes will have similar capabilities.

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