With Windows 12, Microsoft reportedly goes back to a three-year cycle in 2024.

Beginning with Windows 12, which is expected to release in 2024, Microsoft will switch back to a three-year cadence for its significant Windows releases. That’s according to a recent reports article describing the change and quoting Windows Central’s Zac Bowden.

Windows hasn’t released new versions every three years for a while now. About two updates were released for Windows 10 every year. While Windows 11, which was only released last year, was planned to get one significant update every year. Of course, there are other smaller security-related upgrades.

DO YOU THINK MICROSOFT WILL STILL RELEASE A MAJOR UPDATE IN 2024 PRIOR TO WINDOWS 12? The largest implication of the claimed change, which Microsoft hasn’t yet confirmed, is that Windows 11 customers won’t be receiving a significant version update. Instead, sources claim the upgrade has been dropped, and Microsoft will hold off on releasing the following significant set of improvements until Windows 12 is released in 2024. And that delays the following significant update by at least a few years.

Advertisement According to reports, the Microsoft had originally planned to update Windows 11 with a significant release in 2019.

None of this implies that users shouldn’t look forward to any new features. Up to 2024, Microsoft will most likely still keep publishing those. They won’t necessarily have less of an effect either. Previous minor updates have included everything from subsystem modifications to support for Android apps.

Even if those kinds of modifications aren’t regarded as significant improvements, end customers nonetheless benefit greatly from them. Therefore, this adjustment doesn’t portend Microsoft switching to a cycle that is less user-friendly. It rather indicates a move that should offer the IT industry more time to prepare for important changes before they happen. Regarding polish, stability, and usability, that is.

Advertisement Additionally, it’s unlikely that spreading out the major upgrades will change how frequently those designed to correct bugs are released. For instance, those pertaining to security, privacy, and other important areas.


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