With These Jackery Prime Day Deals, Power Everything Outside.

These deals from Jackery for Prime Day will be an upgrade in both cases, whether you just want to be prepared for unanticipated circumstances or you wish to have additional power for camping and outdoor activities. For Prime Day, Jackery is now offering discounts on two distinct portable power units and two different solar panels.

You may start off by taking advantage of the $209.99 discount on Jackerys Portable Power Station Explorer 300. This is a $90 savings, and what you receive in exchange is a portable generator with a 293Wh internal backup battery to keep your electronics charged. Additionally, it is helpful for supplying power to equipment that must be constantly plugged in.

Since the entire machine weighs only 7 pounds, carrying it won’t be difficult. It has two 110V, 300W pure sine-wave outlets, one USB 3.0 rapid charging port, two USB-A ports, and one USB-C port. Additionally, you may combine it with one of Jackery’s solar panels to increase its battery capacity. both of which are for sale.

Advertisement Solar panels come in two varieties. During Prime Day, the Jackery SolarSaga 100X is on sale for $209.99, while the SolarSaga 100W is discounted to $209. Regarding what they offer, both are almost equivalent, except the SolarSaga 100X employs US solar cell technology while the SolarSaga 100W uses PERC technology.

Last but not least, Jackery is offering a discount on its Portable Power Station Explorer 1000, which is currently $769.30 instead of $1,099. but only for an additional 8 hours, 30 minutes as of this writing. This discount price expires after Prime Day.

10002Wh of power are provided by this model. It has extra ports as well. including two USB-C ports, one USB 3.0 port, three pure sine-wave outlets, and one USB-A port. This is the model to choose if you need to charge more gadgets for a longer length of time.

Commercial Jackery Portable Generators and Solar Panels


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