With the streamlined, black-and-white “Noto Emoji,” Google brings back the blobs (Gallery).

Noto Emoji, a new emoji (variable) typeface by Google, with a black-and-white aesthetic that attempts to capture the simplicity of the format while also bringing back the blobs.

Emojis have improved in detail over time. Emoji are increasingly being created to look hyper-realistic, as opposed to simply portraying abstract ideas. This wouldn’t be a problem if your keyboard didn’t exclude other ideas that are analogous due to skeuomorphism’s specificity.

By taking out as many details as possible from Noto Emoji, Google is defying the tendency toward realism. With this set, emoji are meant to be more versatile, able to convey ideas rather than just the physical object in front of you. For instance, the current dance emoji obviously only depicts one sort of dancing at the expense of others.

Google Noto Emoji blobs
Google Noto Emoji blobs
Google Noto Emoji blobs

Many were 1:1 adaptations, but flags in particular faced significant design obstacles that prohibited Google from just redoing the emoji in black and white:

Flags cannot easily be changed to black and white. You wouldn’t be able to distinguish between Sweden and Finland. The flags could be redrew, but doing so runs the danger of making them wrong. We instead made use of the ISO country codes. These particular letter combinations stand for each nation.

Meanwhile, Google’s blob characters are used to depict individuals in Noto Emoji:

relatable without preserving a gender differentiation. The blob emoji from Google were very unique. adorable, cuddly, and extremely amiable. We were able to bring back a little bit of what made them special while also getting rid of the broken components. The blobs’ facial expressions, in particular, were wildly variable but that was very easily fixed in black and white mode.

Google Noto Emoji blobs


However, Noto Emoji has a contemporary feature in that it has a customizable font with a weight grade that allows characters to seem light or bold. Like all other fronts, there are dark and light modes as well as options to adjust the color of the text and characters.

Today, Google Fonts offers Noto Emoji in available open-source format. 3,663 emojis altogether, supporting the most recent Unicode 14.0 specification

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