With the Oura Ring and natural cycles, you can now become pregnant or not.

The Natural Cycles app now has a wearable piece of gear made by Oura to turn to for simpler tracking, making it more accessible to tech enthusiasts who are familiar with fertility tracking apps. The collaboration between Oura Ring and Natural Cycles comes after AA1.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Oura Ring is a finger-borne wearable that resembles a ring-style accessory. In contrast, Natural Cycles is an app that assists users in monitoring fertility. Usually, users input their data into the app and utilize extremely accurate temperature to achieve it. Typically, readings for the Natural Cycles app must be made using a basal thermometer. The thermometers record temperatures to the nearest tenth or hundredth of a degree.

In conclusion, the Oura Ring wearable and associated partner devices can now be used to automatically monitor body temperatures during sleep in order to track fertility using Natural Cycles. Even the feature for tracking for that reason has received FDA approval.

Advertisement HOW CAN USERS MONITOR FERTILITY USING THE OURA RING AND NATURAL CYCLES TO CONDUCT OR AVOID CONDUCTING PREGNANCY? The temperature sensor in the Oura Rings is what powers the new solution. Of course, it also provides tracking for heart rate, sleep, and activity. This places it, despite not being one of the more conventional fitness and health trackers, possibly among the best ones available.

Natural Cycles utilizes up to 1,440 data points from the ring for temperature sensing. That is the maximum number of data points the ring can monitor each day. With the user’s permission in the app, the Natural Cycles algorithm processes the data. This contains patterns in heart, sleep, and other related areas in addition to temperature data. All of these are used by Natural Cycles to determine the reproductive windows.

In contrast, Oura receives no data from Natural Cycles. Therefore, consumers don’t need to be concerned about data sharing with other parties in that regard.


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