With the exception of One Big Feature, the Galaxy S23 Ultra may remain largely unchanged.

It appears that the number of smartphone cameras has surpassed the absurd figures of the past. Recently, 64MP was considered to be excessive, but today, we have smartphones with 200MP cameras. Samsung won’t lag after Xiaomi and Motorola in producing its own phone with a 200MP image sensor because it was one of the first companies to officially announce one.

ETNews claims that the business has already informed its camera partners of these intentions. Which 200MP sensor will be used in the Galaxy S23 Ultra is currently unknown. Along with the ISOCELL HP1 featured on the Motorola X30 Pro, Samsung offers two 200MP sensors. On the other hand, the ISOCELL HP3 is a mid-range alternative that falls short of flagship requirements. We’ll have to wait and see how Sony’s 1-inch 200MP IMX989 used in the Xiaomi 12S Ultra compares to a new 200MP camera sensor that has been rumored to be unveiled later this year.

Other rumored information about the Galaxy S23 Ultra includes its identical 6.8-inch 3088×1440 Super AMOLED display and identical 5,000 mAh battery. According to reports, the only minor variation is in the measurements, and even that is considered to be insignificant. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and this supposed 200MP camera are the only internal improvements, so it sounds like most people won’t notice the Galaxy S23 Ultra unless they pay attention to the specifications and features inside.


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