With Spotify’s Car Thing already utilizing Google’s latest speech recognition technology, voice UIs are improved.

Google Cloud has provided an Speech-to-Text (STT) API that third parties can use in their own services as of 2017. The newest models for Google speech recognition has significantly improved accuracy and is best suited for developing voice user interfaces.

The Google Speech-to-Text API’s new neural sequence-to-sequence model enhances accuracy in 23 languages and 61 supported locales. Out-of-the-box quality enhancements are joined by broader support for various speech types, noisy situations, and acoustic conditions.

Automated speech recognition (ASR) methods have been built on distinct acoustic, pronunciation, and language models for a number of years. In the past, these three distinct parts were trained independently before being combined to perform speech recognition.

On a single neural network, the conformer models that were announced today are based. This strategy offers more effective use of model parameters than training three different models that must then be combined.

Google speech recognition

With Google praising how voice recognition can now be used to additional use cases, these enhancements enable more accurate outputs in more scenarios. When using voice control UIs, users “can” speak more naturally and in complete phrases.

The most recent lengthy is comparable to the current video model in that it is specifically made for long-form spontaneous speaking. On the other hand, latest short provides excellent quality and excellent latency for brief utterances like instructions or phrases. Early adopter of these new technologies, Spotify collaborated closely with Google on the development of the Hey Spotify speech interface, which can be accessible on the mobile apps and Car Thing and which, as we noted in our assessment, excels in the core role of voice recognition and transcription:

The fundamentals are good, but it might be a little frustrating to have a voice assistant that is limited to what, for example, an always-listening Google Assistant on your phone could accomplish. To improve accuracy, Car Thing does a fantastic job of moving the microphones away from your phone. My experience with Car Things’ ability to understand my commands was always positive.

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