With some next smartphones, Oppo will discontinue including its lightning-fast chargers in the package.

Over the past few years, it has become more common for cellphones to simply come with a cable when they are shipped. Oppo, however, refused to make that change and continued to ship its phones with a charging brick—and a very fast one at that—instead. But it appears things will soon change.

Oppo has announced plans to discontinue including a charging brick with its smartphones with the launch of the Reno 8 series in Europe earlier this week. According to Oppo VP Billy Zhang, a number of items will begin to ship without chargers.

A sample of the quote was shared by the people at Android Police , but GSMArena managed to get the entire thing.

In the upcoming year, we will remove the charger from the packaging for a number of products. We have a strategy. SuperVOOC chargers are difficult for users to obtain, so we must keep them in the box. However, as our business grows, we plan to remove chargers from their packaging and place them in our store so that customers can purchase them and use them even after upgrading their devices.

This is particularly noteworthy in the case of Oppos because the company typically includes a SuperVOOC charger with its smartphones. These chargers charge compatible cellphones far more quickly than other devices according to their own standards. While the OnePlus 10T uses the same technology to achieve charging speeds of up to 150W, the Oppo Find X5 series, shown above, charges at a rate of 80W. Customers would need to buy a charger separately in order to receive the maximum charging speed that their new phone is capable of because faster charging rates frequently demand a new charging brick.

Naturally, Oppos devices continue to support USB-C Power Delivery, a common rapid charging technique, although at significantly slower rates than when utilizing SuperVOOC.

Given that this seems to be the trend, it makes sense that OnePlus won’t be far after if Oppo decides to do away with its built-in chargers.

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