With Its New Stream Controller, Razer Attacks Stream Management

With the release of the Razer Stream Controller today, Razer is advancing farther in the streaming business. a touchscreen gadget with haptic buttons that streamers may customize to control any aspect of their stream. The Razer Stream Controller has three tactile dials on the left and right sides of the screen, as well as 12 haptic touch buttons (referred to as switchblade keys).

These knobs offer different levels of audio tuning, while the switchblade keys offer a set of macros that are completely configurable. enabling streamers to manage lighting, music, and many other aspects. These buttons, according to Razer, can be connected to an endless amount of commands. Therefore, there’s a good probability that whatever you need to do during your stream can be set up as a macro using these haptic keys.

However, management continues in other ways. Eight programmable buttons are also located on the device’s bottom, just below the display. enabling a wide range of multitasking mayhem at your disposal.

Advertisement THIS FALL SEES THE RAZER STREAM CONTROLLER’S LAUNCH You will have to wait a little while if you want to get one of these. According to Razer, the product will launch this Fall. It will cost $269.99 and be offered by both Razer directly and accredited retail partners. Which suggests that you’ll probably be able to find it at Best Buy and on Amazon.

Pre-orders for the item started today on Razer’s website, but as is sometimes the case with the company’s most well-known or touted goods, stock was swiftly gone. But it also probably indicates that additional pre-order inventory will appear. So if you’re interested in getting one, keep an eye out for it.

NOT ONLY GAMERS WHO STREAM THEIR GAMEPLAY SHOULD DO THIS The Stream Controller is intended for gamers, streamers, and content makers alike, however it may initially appeal to gamers. In fact, according to Razer, the Stream Controller is designed to provide you every tool you need to precisely customize your workflow.

Advertisement A number of Adobe applications will have native plug-ins included with the Stream Controller. like Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop. Also included will be plug-ins for Spotify, YouTube, and other services.

Razer Stream Controller


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