With its new Blade laptop skins, Razer challenges Dbrand.

For its line of Blade gaming laptops, Razer is entering the custom skin market by producing a number of unique skins. This is in direct competition with Dbrands’ goods because the Blade was a reliable product.

Despite this, they will probably coexist peacefully on the market because Dbrand continues to provide a huge variety of designs that Razer does not. Therefore, there are many more alternatives now if you wish to apply skins to your Razer Blade laptop.

Skins are available for purchase for all of Razer’s current laptops only on Razers own website . Additionally, Razer also provides skins for a small number of Apple Macbook models.

Advertisement RAZER PROVIDES COMPUTER SKINS FOR BOTH FULL COVERAGE AND JUST THE LID. Razer offers two solutions for you, based on how much of your laptop you want to conceal. You have the option of purchasing skins that cover the entire lid or just the top portion. A skin covering for the laptop’s bottom as well as the region around the keyboard and trackpad is included with full coverage.

Even while the laptop is already gorgeous, these coverings offer a solution to help shield its lovely matte finish from scratches. And with the skins on, it should be nearly impossible to discern fingerprints and smudges. For both top-only and full coverage, you can choose from 10 distinct skin variations. Top-only alternatives are $24.99, while full coverage options are $59.99.

The Bape Edition skin is the lone exception in this case. which costs an additional $20 and is only available in full coverage. Having said that, the Bape Edition won’t be available until July 22.

Advertisement Additionally, RAZER NOW PROVIDES A QUARTZ MODEL OF THE BLADE 14. In addition to the laptop skins that went on sale today, Razer is now currently offering the Blade 14 in the Quartz colorway. This is exclusive to the variant with the NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti graphics card and has an AMD CPU. Additionally, the laptop goes on sale today for $2,599 directly from Razer. Other merchants will begin carrying it soon, according to Razer.

Razer Laptop Skins
Razer Blade 14 – Quartz


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