With its first lineup of PC speakers, SteelSeries goes all out.

The SteelSeries Arena asserts to have one ace up its sleeve despite being a straightforward two-channel setup. SteelSeries claims that the product’s 4-inch fiber cone driver is one of the largest speaker drivers in the gaming audio industry. The Arena 3 has Bluetooth as an option in addition to cable connectivity compatibility utilizing the 3.5mm audio connector.

The Arena 3’s adjustable stand, which allows users to tilt and position the speakers for the best listening experience, completes the feature set. Retailers all across the world sell the SteelSeries Arena 3 for a suggested retail price of $129.99.

The SteelSeries Arena 7 is the next system up, a 2.1-channel configuration with two front-firing speakers, twin tweeters, and RGB lighting to offer a little additional oomph. A bottom-firing subwoofer with a 6.5-inch driver is included in the Arena 7 in addition to the primary speakers for amplifying the lower frequencies.

The SteelSeries Arena 7 speakers support PCs, Macs, and numerous PlayStation gaming console generations in addition to a wide range of networking options. Similar to the Arena 3, it supports cordless audio thanks to Bluetooth compatibility.


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