With “CoverScreen OS,” the Galaxy Z Flip 4 gets complete apps and more on the exterior display.

CoverScreen OS, which first appeared on the Galaxy Z Flip 3 last year, has arrived to allow full Android apps, extra widgets, and other features on the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s tiny outside display.

Last week, we published our review of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and discussed some of the changes Samsung made to the clamshell foldable’s 1.9-inch outside display. New fast settings, improved camera features, and significantly improved notification interaction support were added to the display. What you can really do with that exterior display, however, hasn’t changed at all.

By effectively utilising that outer display for anything, CoverScreen OS seeks to address that issue. Recently, it added support for the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

As the people at XDA noted, CoverScreen OS added support for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 approximately a week ago, and the upgrade is currently accessible. The program allows users to add custom fast settings and widgets as well as run full apps on the cover display, just like on the Flip 3. The exterior display can also be used to interact with VoIP services like Telegram. Even better than just vocal responses, you can use the entire keyboard.

Does this improve the experience? No, not always. On this little display, apps rarely offer a functional UI when in landscape. Additionally, setting it up is a little awkward, and the better features either cost a $20 lifetime unlock or a monthly subscription.

But it undoubtedly makes room for some practical features. We haven’t tested it, but when using CoverScreen OS, Google Wallet does open on the outer display, which may address one of our major issues with the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

In any event, whether you own an Galaxy Z Flip 4 or a Flip 3, you can download CoverScreen OS right away. Up to August 26th, Samsung’s pre-order discounts on the Galaxy Z Flip 4 are still valid.

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