With a new logo and a points booster, Google Play commemorates its tenth anniversary.

This year marks Google Play’s tenth anniversary, and the business unveiled a new logo to mark the occasion. The new logo, which was unveiled by Google Play VP Tian Lim earlier today, has started to show in select Google products. To mark the event, the business also declared an increase to Google Play Points.

A New GOOGLE PLAY LOGO In March 2012, Google changed the name of the Android Market to Google Play. The service reached ten years without another rebranding in March of this year, which is unusual for many Google products. The business is well known for frequently renaming its goods and services. Nevertheless, the tech giant has unveiled a new logo to commemorate ten years of Play.

A slight design change has been made to the new logo compared to the old one. Although the vertices are now more rounded than before, the form is still triangular. Additionally, the internal divisions are changed so that they appear to be of equal size. The blue component had previously been noticeably larger than the green, red, and yellow ones.

Advertisement The four colors that make up the Play logo have also undergone a color shift thanks to Google. The colors are now less vivid but also darker than previously. This adjustment might be made to keep up with other Google products. Darker colors were used in a similar revamp of the Chrome logo. Finally catching up to its family members is Google Play.

According to Lim in an blog post , the new Google Play logo more accurately captures the magic of Google and harmonizes with the branding of many of our useful products, including Search, Assistant, Photos, Gmail, and more.

As previously noted, during the past several weeks, the redesigned logo has started to show up in some Google products. It was most prominently discovered in GPay and Google Pay. Given that the business has now made it official, it’s possible that it may soon replace the present logo in other locations as well, such as the Play Store symbol. In the next days, be on the lookout for a duller Play Store icon in your app drawer.

Advertisement GOOGLE IS OFFERING 10X POINTS ON PLAY BUYS Google Play now serves more than 2.5 billion monthly users across more than 190 nations thanks to its growth over the previous ten years. Additionally, there are approximately two million developers using the platform. More than 100 million people are currently enrolled in its Google Play Points program, which rewards consumers for making purchases on the website.

Google is awarding 10x points on all Play purchases to commemorate the new milestone. In all locations where the Play Points program is offered, this points booster will be accessible. However, the commencement dates will change. On the Earn page of Play Points Home, you may view the dates for your area.


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