With a landscape user interface upgrade, Google made the Pixel-only Recorder app, and it looks awfully tablet-like.

This month’s update to the Recorder app for Pixel phones added some Material You improvements and a useful Quick Settings tile. Additionally, Recorder added a landscape mode that would look fantastic on a Pixel tablet.

The on-device transcription tool, Recorder, was introduced by Google with the Pixel 4 and has received numerous updates since then. The web app and a Material You redesign were two significant modifications from the previous year. As Google is now an incremental upgrade, Version 3.5 this month added support for Landscape mode, which we spotted on the updated changelog this morning (3.5.43 6635558 vs 3.5.43 0636922 ).

The search box and list of recordings remain the same, but the huge red record floating action button (FAB) is moved from the bottom of the screen to the right side. Every screen uses this same split structure, and relocating the FAB to the right is a relatively typical Material design approach (e.g. Clock app ).

The playback (and recording) controls have an intriguing layered appearance, and the bottom-right button for switching between the audio waveform and transcript is very inviting.

Pixel Recorder landscape
Pixel Recorder landscape
Pixel Recorder landscape
Pixel Recorder landscape

Google’s 9TO5 It’s not necessary for phones to have a landscape UI for the Pixels Recorder app. In fact, you want to read as much text as you can, which is simpler to do in portrait view.

This may be a prototype for a Pixel gadget with a huge screen, if we were to make a wild guess as to why it exists. A tablet would be ideal for development reasons, especially in light of Android 12L, while a foldable has long been believed to be in the works.

Google needs to ensure that all of its first-party apps adhere to Android’s best practices for large-screen design when it debuts in order to serve as a reference for other developers and, of course, to offer an uniform user experience.

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