With 38 games coming out in August, GeForce NOW is having a big month.

As August opens the door for the arrival of 38 new games, GeForce NOW is gearing up for another busy month of game additions. And starting today, a third of those new games can be streamed via the service.

Subscribers will be able to watch the brand-new Saints Row game, even though it won’t be available this week when it launches on PC. The Epic Games Store will host the game’s official launch on August 23. So long as you own it there, GeForce NOW will let you play it. If you prefer to play it on a console, it also launches on PS4 and PS5. It also launches on Xbox Series X|S.

The biggest and best Saints Row playground ever made is said to be in the new Saints Row. And in the cloud, it ought to feel completely at home.

Advertisement 38 GAMES IN AUGUST ARE AVAILABLE TO GEFORCE NOW SUBSCRIBERS, WITH 13 THIS WEEK. Perhaps not until later this month will Saints Row be released. And it’s unquestionably among the biggest games available in August on GeForce NOW. But if you subscribe, you can start playing 13 games right now.

Blitzkrieg, The Pacific, Spectre of Communism, and Fight for Freedom are among the four Strategic Mind games included in this. Moreover, subscribers have access to the streams of Creeper World 4, Hardspace: Shipbreaker, Talisman: Digital Edition, Lost Light, Camp Canyonwood, Turbo Golf Racing, Retreat to Enen, Asphalt 9: Legends, and Video Horror Society.

NVIDIA also revealed a few additional games that will release later this month. On August 18, Thymesia will be a brand-new release on Steam. on the same day as Curve Digital and Neon Giant release The Ascent’s new DLC.

Advertisement A little over a week earlier, on August 9, Farthest Frontier will go on sale and be accessible via Steam. Scathe, meanwhile, will debut on August 31 on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Rumbleverse will also be arriving, according to NVIDIA, but the day it will be playable over the service is still unknown.

However, since the game has already been launched, it might happen during any of the month’s remaining weeks.


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