Wi-Fi, GPS, eSIM, and more are added in Windows 11 for the Surface Duo.

The first Android smartphone made by Microsoft, the Surface Duo, can run Windows as well, albeit unofficially. Windows 11 was successfully installed on the unusual dual-screen tablet earlier this year thanks to a DIY attempt by one Gustave Monce. Naturally, there were lots of restrictions. The project has received a number of improvements from Monce in recent months, making the Windows-powered Surface Duo more functional than ever. Now, the latest release removes a few more restrictions.

To begin with, you can now utilize the device’s wireless internet. Cellular data (2G/3G/4G) and Wi-Fi (2.4GHz and 5GHz) are now both operational. Cellular networks may also send and receive texts. However, you lack access to RCS (Relay Chat Services). The changelog that Monce provided states that RCS functionality has been developed and will be available soon. Calling features, including VoLTE, will also be included in the next update (voice over LTE). The Surface Duo now supports eSIM activation. GPS works as well.

But there are still several restrictions. Most notably, the Surface Duo powered by Windows still has a camera issue. Monce claims that although improvements have been made to the cameras, they have not yet been implemented. The cameras should start operating with the upcoming version.

Advertisement Furthermore, this dual-screen phone’s left panel does not enable automatic orientation. Graphical rendering, digitizers, USB dongles, external displays, and USB Type-C billboard devices are also problematic.

However, the most recent update fixes problems that drastically restrict the use of a mobile device and affect a number of crucial services, such as messaging and the internet. When the device was first released, just the buttons, touchscreen, vibration motor, Bluetooth, and USB port functioned. Everything else was essentially non-functional. Maybe Windows 11 booted on the device, but you couldn’t use it.

NOT EVERYONE IS SUITABLE FOR WINDOWS 11 ON SURFACE DUO. As previously said, this is a DIY project that not everyone should attempt. Only tech-savvy individuals with an extra Surface Duo should use it. If your primary phone is the dual-screen Microsoft smartphone, the project is not advised for you.

Advertisement Even if you are familiar with the process of changing a phone’s base operating system, upgrading the Surface Duo to Windows 11 is not an easy task. Several tools are needed, and you must closely adhere to this guide . If only Microsoft could create a Surface Duo-sized computer running Windows. Perhaps this project will serve as inspiration for the business. We’ll see.


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