Why Porsche Created A Special 911 For Keanu Reeves

Reeves was smitten by the sound of the car’s brand-new “Sport Exhaust,” an dual-flow exhaust system that employed two catalytic converters, at the time. But more than anything, he loved the way it felt, especially while floating along the PCH’s canyons (via Porsche ).

Reeves truly felt sorrow when his favorite automobile was taken while he was away making a movie. He thinks his specific Porsche was targeted because it was one of the last models to have an air-cooled engine.

The “The Matrix” actor made the decision to want another 911 after processing his grief. However, this 911 would be uniquely his own. Reeves called Porsche’s Customer Consultation Center in Beverly Hills’ fabled 90210 telephone code and enquired as to whether the Stuttgart-based business might assist in customizing his brand-new 911. Even with the power and notoriety that made him one of Hollywood’s biggest stars (the global box office gross for “The Matrix” trilogy was $1.7 billion), some bargaining was necessary. In the end, Porsche added an unique 12-o’clock center marker to the steering wheel and anodized the interior trim panels a gorgeous shade of black (via Porsche).

While filming the first “John Wick” movie, Reeves allegedly drove his customized 911 to the set. Yes, inspiration.


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