Which Porsche car model is the worst? What Fans Have to Say

34.92% of 590 Americans surveyed by SlashGear believed the Porsche Panamera is the worst Porsche model ever. Its appearance—a four-door luxury Porsche sedan that doesn’t have the normal Porsche persona—has undoubtedly something to do with it. James May and Richard Hammond of Top Gear claimed that the Panamera “doesn’t feel like a Porsche” (via Top Gear ). The Porsche Panamera, however, is still a reliable vehicle with outstanding performance.

Despite being the second-best-selling Porsche model, the Porsche Cayenne came in second in the survey with 27.46% of the vote. The Porsche Cayenne is not “particularly reliable” in comparison to models built by other well-known automakers, according to study conducted by WithClutch . In addition, 15.08% of respondents stated the Porsche 924 was the worst model of Porsche car, while 12.37% said the 914 was the worst.

Only 10.17% of people thought the Porsche 996 was the worst Porsche model, making it the least awful model overall. Even still, the majority of individuals would kill to obtain a Porsche vehicle.


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