Which EV—the BYD Atto 3 or the Perodua Ativa Hybrid—will win over Malaysians’ hearts the most?

Both the BYD Atto 3 and the Perodua Ativa Hybrid are sporty SUVs that are aimed at the middle class. Although they differ in many other ways, including cost and size, they are environmentally sustainable.

Which electric cars will win Malaysians over the most?

When Sime Darby Motors Malaysia posted a job listing for a branch manager position on August 1, 2022, an automobile review website named dsf.my noticed the company’s covert hint. This represents the potential introduction of BYD EVs by Sime Darby Motors Malaysia.

paultan.org , a different auto review website, claimed to have seen the Perodua Ativa Hybrid on a Malaysian road. According to paultan.org, the president of Perodua stated that the taped-up SUV was being used for “assessment and study,” but he gave no other information.

ATO BYD 3 BYD’s Yuan Plus, also known as Atto 3 in other countries, made its debut in Singapore last month. This model, which was inspired by the “attosecond,” offers the Southeast Asian market something quick, vivacious, and active.

The Atto 3 is the first SUV with the sporty-themed interior created by BYD Global Interior Design Director Michele Jauch-Paganetti, and it embodies BYD’s new design language. BYD stated in a news statement on February 19 that “This model reflects the sense of passion and vitality for the clients.”

According to BYD, the car has a conventional 150kW motor that can reach 100 km/h in 7.3 seconds from a standstill. The dimensions of the Atto 3 are 4455/1875/1615mm and 2720mm, respectively.

The breakthrough blade battery technology from BYD is a feature of ATTO 3’s battery. Blade Battery, introduced by BYD in 2020, is the only battery to pass the nail penetration test.

More specifically, the Blade Battery pack’s space utilization is about 50% higher than that of traditional lithium iron phosphate block batteries, leading to considerable gains in energy efficiency and range.

HYBRID PERODUA ATIVA The notion of Perodua releasing an Ativa Hybrid is not brand-new at this time. It is anticipated that Rocky e-Smart Hybrid technology will be used by Ativa Hybrid.

The e-Smart Hybrid has a WA-VEX 1.2-liter Atkinson 3-cylinder engine and an electric motor with 106 PS. It makes use of this generator to increase the battery’s usable range. This engine generates 105 Nm of torque between 3,200 and 5,200 rpm and 82 PS at 5,600 rpm. According to Daihatsu and paultan.org, the combined fuel consumption rate for the WLTC mode is 28 km/L.

According to Dato’ Zainal Abidin Ahmad, president and CEO of Perodua Auto Corp., “Before electric, we at Perodua are also going to do hybrids to make sure that customers are comfortable and understand that somehow or rather, if you use EVs, you may have to change your driving “pattern” and lifestyle.”

Due to the deadline for the sales tax exemption, Perodua sold 127,343 automobiles in 1H22, a 30 percent increase from the 97,290 units sold in 1H21.

“We anticipate that production and registration would continue to advance, even though semiconductor chip supply and Covid-19 will still have an impact on it. We do not anticipate that further circumstances, such as the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, will significantly affect Perodua’s production in the future “said he. “We are continuing to work toward our 247,000 sales goal for this year.”


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