which cameras are compatible with the Google Home app in full

The benefit of smart home systems like Google Home is that you can connect a huge variety of gadgets from numerous manufacturers. However, it’s not clear how well those gadgets will integrate with Google Home. We’ll discuss cameras that are compatible with the Google Home app as well as how to use any Google Home device.

GOOGLE HOME CAMERAS: HOW THEY WORK Google Home is compatible with the majority of indoor and outdoor smart cameras on the market; the firm has a sizable customer base and actively promotes manufacturer compatibility. Since they are produced by Amazon and designed for Alexa, several products stand out, such as the Ring indoor and outdoor cameras and doorbells.

Though most people get along, only a small percentage are completely compatible. For instance, Google’s Nest cameras work nicely together because they were obviously designed with Google Home in mind. Nest camera feeds appear directly in the app, letting you monitor what’s happening from Android home controls.

Unfortunately, this capability can’t be used by the majority of other Google Assistant and Home compatible devices. Although the feed doesn’t appear in the app, Google Home is compatible with brands like Eufy, Tapo, and Wyze. Instead, you can tell Google Assistant to broadcast the camera’s feed on a Google Nest Hub display.

google nest hub max cam

CAMERAS WITH GOOGLE HOME APP INTEGRATION There are very few cameras that work with the Google Home app and display live feeds directly through the Android or iOS app. As of now, Arlo is the only company besides Google that produces cameras with built-in functionality for the Google Home app.

Although they don’t have the same feature set as Google Nest cameras, Arlo’s Pro 3 , Pro 4 , and Essentials cameras all easily integrate into the app. You may check in on what’s occurring by opening the app on your phone and tapping the camera. You can watch recorded events and additional capabilities through the Arlo app, but it’s fantastic to be able to view a live view from the Google Home app and Android’s Home Control.

A complete list of cameras that stream live video in the Google Home app is shown below:

A Nest Cam (wired and battery) Floodlight-equipped Nest Cam (wired) Doorbell Nest (battery) Nest Cam Hello Nest (first gen) Nest Outdoor Camera (first gen) IQ Nest Cam Outer Nest Cam IQ Adrol HD 3 Arlo Pro 4 Arlo Pro Essentials of Arlo Several readers have discussed their experiences with various cameras that integrate with the Google Home app and let you view the feed right there in the app. They claim that the following additional cameras are compatible with the Google Home app, albeit some, like D-Link, are known to be sluggish and unreliable:

D-Link camcorders (DCS-8515 and possibly more) Lexar cameras (both wired and wireless) Considering that these are reader reviews, it is essentially difficult to determine whether or not some of these cameras truly function in the Google Home app. It’s unfortunate that most manufacturers appear to just care about how your cameras can be viewed from a Nest Hub or Chromecast and that most cameras can’t be seen in the Google Home app’s device list.

Send us a message on social media or via email if you are aware of any further Google Assistant-compatible cameras that display a live feed in Google homes. The only two we can confirm using this feature at the time of writing are Arlo and Nest. Arlo and Nest are both excellent brands, but we expect to see more with better integration in the future.

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